Friday, August 6, 2010

Major Flirt Encounter

To the super hot flirt (dark hair, crisp white shirt, black slacks and reflective aviators, yum!), with whom I shared a quite obvious and long glance as you passed close by me on the corner of Belmont and Sheffield this morning, THANK YOU!!  This girl needed that today.

As I remain high from that brief interaction, I should remember that I cannnnn't driinnnk caffeinated coffee.  Makes my hands shakkkyyy, which makes typing a little challenging.  So instead of a long post, I will share these hilarious pictures.  Apparently these skirts are all the rage in Japan.


Crazy Brunette said...

Oh my fucking god... Are the wedgies all the rage too???? LMAO!

AND why did you not take Mr. Tall, Dark and Sexy home hooker??? Have I taught you NOTHING????

Epiphany said...

Seriously, they all want to be trashy whores like us.

The trouble is that I was in a professional convo with an older man, but I'm sure that my whiplash wasn't missed.

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