Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Moving

The last two weeks have been enlightening and frightening here.  Just when I thought I was going crazy, something happened that forced my eyes open and question what it is that I really want in this life, and it's not in Chicago.

That's right boys and girls, Epiphany has made some big decisions and one of them is to move back to Kansas City, closer to family, give up my business, if necessary, and start fresh.  After all, I'm not a young pup, like I was when I picked up, moved to Chicago and didn't look back, but I'm not dead yet either.  The pull to be closer to family has really been quite strong over the last few years and, so far, none of my friends are that surprised, though there are a few more to tell.

Maybe the pull is a result of not being happy for some time here.  Maybe it's just time.  There are things that I want for my life that I am not getting here, most importantly a quality of life.

I love Chicago.  In fact, I've been having a love affair with this city since I moved here.  It doesn't leave much room to have a decent love affair with anyone else.  Problem #1.

I love having a business in the city where I can work from home because I can walk out my door and be in the thick of things.  Never a dull moment.  I'd like to find this vibe in my future new home, but who knows.

One of my gf's moved here from the South and told me that as much as she loves Chicago it's not the end all be all for her.  She just came because of a job and "poof" she found everything she's been looking for.  I can't say the same.  Aside of amazing friends, life just feels a little....empty.

We're so conditioned to have an "exciting life" in the big city, going out all the time, lip slutting around and that makes us fabulous.  Really, it's just kind of lonely.  It's definitely time for a fresh start.  The timeline: within one year.  And, I feel really, really good about this.  It's scary to think about starting all over again, but I need an adventure and have conquered my other fears about change.  This is going to be a great thing.  In the meantime, I'm still moving forward:

  • Application for faculty position sent in - check
  • Landed opportunity to teach a workshop for a local business organization - check
  • Proactively contacted a recruiter in KC to begin looking for opportunities - check
  • Still lip slutting around Chicago (why not share the love before I go) - check
  • Sister1 has offered to let me stay at her house with hubby until I land something and get a job - check
  • Official target date: Late June 2011, but could happen before that
With all of this said, I think I'm giving myself plenty of time to love the city one last time and prepare for the break up.  However, it might be best to rip myself apart from this place like a band-aid. Get it over with.

(Watch, I'll make all the plans to move and everything will fall in place here.  That would be my luck. Nah, this desire to go back is too strong.)


Crazy Shenanigans said...

How exciting!! It sounds like you have a plan!

The Queen said...

OMG I haven't even finished reading your blog and I'm so excited.. You are coming back to Kansas. CB is in Kansas City... and if you are on the other side of the river.. well. TT is there... I hope you are coming back to Kansas.. I love Kansas bloggers.

Epiphany said...

Queenie - you've got me SO excited I could pee my pants right now! Extra incentive knowing I have new friends there already. xo

Crazy Brunette said...

I KNOW RIGHT BITCHES????? Way fucking excited sluts!

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