Friday, October 1, 2010

And Just When I Thought....

It couldn't get worse....I love Meow Mix and I'm SO happy to have her home, but the cost of it all wiped me out and now...I'm in a bad place.  Thanks to my parents for helping out, but today I feel like I've hit rock bottom.

I don't like to ask my parents for money.  Never have.  That's why I got my first job at 16 working at Dillard's in my hometown.  I hated taking their money and I was willing to work for my own.  But...when you've spent thousands on your baby and the bills are still can't be surprised when they take action on you.

Today is a low day.  However, I am truly grateful for the blessings I do have.  At the moment, I am at my neighbor's who is moving this weekend and I'm REALLY bummed about it.  Good neighbors are hard to come by and one who has become a good friend is even harder.  Sure she's just moving a couple of miles away, but she is someone who I can count on.  She watches and feeds Meow Mix when I go out of town and I take her dogs on walks and to the park when she's out for a long day.  We even give each other food.  When I bake I share it with her and her boyfriend.  When she buys a huge bag of tangerines she always gives me a few.  When I need $10, or vice versa, she's always willing.  Good neighbor and friend.  I'll miss her being around but know I will see her soon.

Things have to change.  They WILL change. I have a big, HUGE new client presentation next Tuesday and I'm feeling really good with what I've created for the proposal.  It could really change things.  Then there's another project I've kind of done on and off but realized I don't have the skill set to make it what I want.  That is until my friend mentioned the project to his friend who said he'd totally develop it for me and I would pay him off the proceeds.  Seems to good to be true, but my friend is currently working with him on a software project on the same basis.  So, while I'm at home without computer I will work like we did without them - pen and paper.  I can't stop just because roadblocks are once again in my path.

A wise friend once said "If you can look up while your laying flat on your back, then you can get up!"  Besides, it's not like I don't have work; clients who are paying me.  It's not like I'm jobless and clientless.  Today is just today and it will, I hope, be all better by Monday.



middle child said...

When you are down,...count your blessings and then just say "screw it!" and go back to bed. That's what I do.
I wish you peace and happiness. Sounds like you have the best friend ever. The distance is small. Stay connected. Kisses.

Canadianbloggergirl said...

So happy that Meow Mix is better!

Once you're back on top financially, maybe as an option pet insurance? Vet bills can be ridiculous.

But our little furry friends are so important too!


SilverNeurotic said...

I can't recall ever borrowing money from my parents. It's always been the other way around...

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think everyone gets in a tight spot now and then and needs helping out. I'm sure they understand and one day you'll pay them back!

Epiphany said...

Smooches to you all!

MC - I made a list Friday of all of my blessings, the little things that most of us take for granted everyday.

I've chosen to continue my pursuit of excellence in my daily life (read: not being a lazy slob, but be busy, energized and get stuff done everyday). Right now, it's excellence despite circumstances. I've gotten many things accomplised this weekend that I might not have accomplished if the television was trying to lure me in like a siren! Love to all my awesome friends and family. xo

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