Monday, February 21, 2011

A Valentine's Day to Remember

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect for Valentine's Day, since Steven didn't formally ask me until the evening before.  But, I was thinking that everything would be booked and we'd be left with an early dinner.  Apparently, though, seems like most people celebrated Valentine's Day over the weekend.  We were lucky enough to not worry about a late night.  Steven was off work the next day and I decided to, as "the boss", to take the morning off and just enjoy our evening together.

I really didn't have too much expectation for Valentine's Day.  Figure that it's better.  Then I'm not disappointed, but always surprised.  In reality, I was hoping that this would push the Valentine's Day that was currently in first place out of the way.  That day was about six years ago.  I was seeing a handful of guys, which is the case when you join an online dating service in January when everyone makes their New Year's Resolution.   That year I got flowers from four different guys!  It was awesome, but a challenge to disguise with the one I had already agreed to go to dinner with.  That date was...okay...but I soon moved on afterwards.  He was clearly into me.  Turned out I wasn't into him.

Steven showed up at my door at 7:00p.  I opted for a brown strapless dress with small silver and black polka dots, black tights and black patent leather peep toes.  As he knocked on the door, I looked down the stairwell and gave him a "one minute" sign.  I grabbed my coat and walked down the stairs and opened the door.  Steven was casually leaning up against the door frame.

S: "Hey, gorgeous!"
E: "Hi..." I said with a smile. 
S: "You look hot!" we both laugh.  "Hey, I need to borrow your refrigerator."
E: "O-kay...."
S: "I have something I got for my mom"
E: Uhm, dude, your mom is in Puerto Rico "Uhm, sure."

I move out of the door way to allow him up the stairs and he produces a beautiful bouquet of flowers wrapped in brown paper.  He'd clearly gone to a boutique florist and not the grocery store.  I looked at it carefully and noticed Snapdragons and two lightly colored lavender roses surrounded by several other simple flowers all in the same lavender, white and fuchsia color palette. 

E: "I'm not sure those will fit in my refrigerator."
S: Laughing.  "These are for you."

I smile and invite him up.  He helps reach for a vase stored on top the entertainment center, fill it with water and plop them in - to be cut and arranged later.  I thank him and lean in for a kiss, of which he stole about 10 more.  I grabbed his hand and we were off to dinner.

The thing about a man with a plan is that you can't question or interfere with it, you just have to let him own and implement it.  Steven helped me into the car and started driving downtown.  I never asked where we're going, but just went with it.  I want him to have his plan and to surprise me.  It clearly makes him feel good, and who I am to rip that away from him?  We ended up pulling into The House of Blues complex and out of the corner of my eye I see they've opened a new Subway here, not to mention the other great restaurants here.

E: "Aw, are you taking me to Subway?"
S: Laughing.  "Yeah, well nothing but the best for you!"

The valet walks over and opens the door.  Steven meets me around the front of the car, grabs my hand and we proceed to walk into Smith & Wolensky, a steakhouse and very yummy restaurant.  We're directed down the stairs and to a table for two overlooking the Chicago River and part of downtown.  Steven puts me in the chair with the view, as that was apparently the order for the night.  As I sat down, I looked to my left and right eying the row of tables for two with couples.  Each woman was facing "the view". 

I was surprised to see how dead the restaurant was.  Literally no one was there but our row of tables for two (maybe 14 people).  "Filet and Lobster for Two?" Steven asks.  "That sounds great!".  We get a wine recommendation and have our first glass.  As per usual, and I never get tired of it, Steven slowly inched his hands across the table asking for mine.  I accommodated him.  "You're so beautiful."  I just smile.

When Steven and I are together it's like we're the only two people in the room.  Even at the grocery store, he has no bones about kissing me in the aisle or running around like a little boy at the video store only to come up behind me with a big hug.  Sitting there gazing into one anothe's' eyes, I can feel the energies of those around us but it feels like a private dinner with a waiter.  It's kind of an amazing thing to feel and something every woman dreams of "the only girl in the room."  He creates that and brings it to life.  Steven truly makes me feel incredibly special, beautiful and desired.

We finish our yummy dinner and opt for a doggy bag (the contents of which will end up in tomorrow morning's omelets - which I make, of course!).  I go to the bathroom and by the time the bill is paid, we're the only two people left in the dining room.  He gets up and helps me out of my chair.  As he does, he grabs my hand, pulls me into his arms and we begin  Steven was now making the dining room our own private dance floor as he whisked me around, kissing my cheek.  I could hear the collective sighs of the female staff behind me and one guy say "dude, that's awesome."  It was an amazing moment.

A few minutes later, we left and headed back to his house where I thanked him with some hanky panky and breakfast the next morning.  Later that day, I emailed some close friends, and my mom about my amazing night.  One gf responded "....he's in love.  Are you?"  I replied: "Still falling."  Another one of my girlfriends, who reads the blog, asked me why I am so surprised at how good he is to me.  "It's because it's been so long since someone has been this good to me.  It's what I've always wanted from a man, but they were all clearly the wrong man.  I suppose, too, I just felt that I didn't deserve it."  "Well, you do, my dear!"

Now, it's a really, really big deal that I've chosen to tell my mother about Steven.  In the past, I would tell my mom I met someone and without a doubt the whole thing was over within a week.  We've joked over the years that me telling her is like the kiss of death to the relationship.  The conversations would start "Mom, I met someone."  "I don't want to know.  Don't tell me anything."   This time I waited until it was "official".

M: "How do you know it's official?"
E: I am not going to tell you it's because we had sex "Well, he threw the 'girlfriend' word around all day Saturday."
M: "Well, yeah, that would probably mark it.  I just want you to make sure he treats you right."
E: I know she's saying this because of the abuser and the poor choices in men that followed.  "Mom, he's the best.  Treats me ssssooo good.  You would be so happy."
M: "Good.  That's all I care about."

Mom, you have no worries.  E's found a good egg this time.



Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Awwww, it sounds like it was a perfect Valentines! He sounds really sweet and thoughtful!

Epiphany said...

Thanks, CS, he really is! It's crazy and surreal! xoxo

Lace said...

Sigh... so sweet! & Yes, I am totally and utterly smitten with my MR. We are coming up on a year (one that was full of changes and losses and trying times) & I still feel like it's been a few weeks. Butterflies & sweetness surround me :) I love hearing of other people feeling the same thing! So happy for you! xo

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