Monday, February 21, 2011

Crusing Along

Steven and I have seen each other every day but one in the last 11 days.  We seem to be settling in and I can feel the connection getting stronger. It's what everyone says it is - easy.  Easy and comfortable in every way.  Long gone are any insecurities (although I still hate my bulge, bubbles and bumps).  Instead they are replaced with a peace with myself and with him.  He truly brings out the person I am, not in work, but inside.  I've never laughed with someone so much.  Steven is continuously doing something to make me laugh, always paying me a compliment and his hands are never too far away from me.

It's an interesting place to be in, for me.  After all, it's been ages since someone was this in to me in a way that is beyond just sex.  I love talking with him as we slowly peel back the layers of one another's lives.  And, it's clear that he wants to share his with me...for now (What?  Don't rush me!).  Last night we had dinner with a girlfriend and her husband at their house.  Steven announced on the way that his brother just got in engaged and asked if I would come to the family celebration, should there be one.  I may have to call in the fashion troops to help with this one!  And so it goes on just like that.

The only problem.....lack of sleep.  Steven's work schedule is killing me.  When he works I stay at his house because he gets up before, and I mean long before, sunrise.  That wouldn't be so bad if he didn't snore on top of it.  Ear plugs help, but I am having a difficult time falling to sleep to be woken up, taken home and then try to fall back asleep.  That hour break is painful and, even now, I want to crawl back in bed for some extra zzz's, but there's too much to do.  He did mention that he's going to get the surgery for his sleep apnea, but I'm not quite sure when.  Bring it!  I can't wait!  LOL

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