Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Love Marshall's

So the shopping turned out fruitful.  Gotta say, I love a little shopping therapy.  It took two hours. I was concerned because my body image is so-so at the moment, and while I'm still not thrilled with the vision in the mirror, I did end up getting two pairs of skinny jeans, Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY (in two DIFFERENT sizes - 1 up and 2 up ugh - go figure) for a total of $45 at Marshall's, and I FINALLY found a pair of flat brown boots for $40 at one of my secret shopping destinations, which will remain unnamed for the sake of it's secrecy.  Hey! If I tell you, everyone will be going there. 

I've decided on my outfit:  Tommy Hilfiger jeans, white short-sleeve v-neck T, Grey knit, open front cardigan with elbow-length sleeves, a long beaded necklace with greens and yellows (however worn with just about anything, different colors come out) and brown wedge open-toed shoes.  Hair: I'm going aux natural letting it air dry in that beachy wave that I've come to love.  I know, it's winter and there is still some snow on the ground but I'm growing tired of boots all the TIME!  It's casual for a home-cooked meal, but still fashionably sassy, and I love to be fashionable.

Fashion to me is an extension of who I am - creative, bold, outgoing - and I never fail to look in the closet and create a completely new outfit I've never worn before (made easier now that I have jeans).  People perceive you based on your fashion.  Someone who wears a suit that's too big with shoulder pads the size of Rockies, is seen as out of date, not current, and people, more than likely, won't do business with them unless they're looking for someone who isn't flashy, then they'll believe they're trustworthy because they're boring.  Not me, never been boring.  Never. And don't plan to start any time soon.  I always try very hard to mix classics with classic trendy stuff...the stuff that's hot right now but actually won't ever go out of style.  It's a carefully calculated balance.  

It's almost 1:30 and I have not heard from Steven about time (of which I assume he's picking me up)....but preparing for 6p just in case.  Hell, maybe I should plan earlier.  Mr. Spontaneous could show up any moment!  Here. We. Go.....Just hoping he's not thinking "third date is sex date".  Not happening.  I'm enjoying taking it slow.  I don't want to rush anything but enjoy the process of dating.  You only get so many first times...



Canadianbloggergirl said...

Outfit sounds great! Go get ready though, cause I think he'll be early!

ooooooooo the excitment!


middle child said...

OK. I've decided to let you have Marshall's because it's only fair as TJMAXX is mine. Happy shopping and good luck with the date. Sex? Not unless you are dying for it! He should be able to get to know you and you both can gauge each others sexuality pretty easily.

Epiphany said...

MC - LOL I thought about TJMaxx because it's across the street and thought, nah, I'll go to Marshall's instead! And for the record, I WAS dying for it. It's been a, cough, longer time than I care to admit. I'm a lip slut not a full on-spread-my-legs-for-anyone-slut. LOL!

xoxo ladies!

Anonymous said...

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