Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Enter The Heartbreaker

After Thanksgiving, when I knew I had to move on from S, my The Couple gf picked me up from the airport and we went out for a cocktail and to catch up.  Soon we found ourselves back at her house where the boys were watching a game.  One of the guys is notorious for being, or acting, drunk on a regular basis. The Drinker is a nice guy, but off, and yes, we had a moment a very long time ago.  It was a moment of weakness, and maybe I just needed to feel desired by someone.  Of course, there were cocktails involved and I woke up in his bed.  When I opened my eyes and realized where I was, I saw a very large room, the floor covered in clothes.  Disgusting!  How did I miss this last night?  This guy is a slob.   I was a good girl and the moment came and went quickly.

On this particular night The Drinker was in rare form and now that "the girls" had come home, he was off to a bar, where he wouldn't feel like a fifth wheel.  The Heartbreaker had decided to go with him to help keep him out of trouble.  The Drinker left, T.H. went downstairs to the kitchen and The Couple and I were left upstairs to contemplate the amount and type of trouble that The Drinker could get into.  We agreed that whatever happened, he shouldn't be allowed to drive home.  I popped downstairs to tell T.H.

E:  Hey, you don't know The Drinker very well, but we just want to make sure that you do not let him drive home.  Poor him in a cab and watch him go, but just don't let him drive.
T.H.: I understand and don't want you to worry.  I will make sure that he gets home okay.  But....for the record I don't want to leave.
E: Oh, well, if you don't want to leave, I bet we can figure something else out for him.
T.H.: It's not that.  I don't want to leave because of you.  I'm not sure where you are in your relationship.  The Couple tells me things...
E: (I put my hand on his chest) If you want to know what's going on with me, just ask me.
T.H.:  Okay, I just wasn't sure.
E: Just ask me. 

T.H. puts his hand on my cheek, bends down and kisses me.  Before I know it we're in a mad embrace kissing.  Eventually we broke and we went upstairs where he left to chase down The Drinker and I sat on the couch in a bit of shock over what just happened.  The Couple looked at me:

T.C.: Is something wrong?  What's up with you?
E: (pausing) T.H. just kissed me
T.C.: What?  (laughing)

It wasn't long before I got a text message from T.H. saying how amazing our kiss was and that he can't stop thinking about it. 

Soon after a friend invited me to a holiday event that she thought would be a good group of people to network in.  Sure enough, it was.  A room full of investors, venture capitalists and startup companies stood in front of me, and my gf guided me through, introducing me to some key people.  Towards the end of the night, one of hosts walked up and introduced himself.  I was immediately struck by him -tall, blue eyes and...attraction.  I don't ever mix business and pleasure, so I put him out of my mind.

It had been a few weeks since T.H. had texted me and I assume by that point that he knew I had broken up with S and was giving me some space.  It was nice and I needed it to stay busy and focus on the upcoming holidays, but a plan was in place - The Couple had invited both of us to go out of town for New Year's Eve.

Right before Christmas, I met The Couple out and T.H. was there.  Every time I looked at him I felt my body go into hyper drive with desire.  I just wanted to touch him and....revisit the kiss!  Soon it was just the two of us and then I eventually left.  T.H. breaker didn't stay too long and he called me once he got home.  It was such a great conversation and we talked about where I was with the breakup and he said "You know that I've been dating people.  Well, it's really hard to date women when you really want to spend time with someone else."  We agreed that we would go slow and see each other for New Year's Eve.  In the meantime, he texted and eventually he wanted to get together before our trip.  I invited him over for dinner and a movie.  He fell asleep and came over late for a movie.  This should have been a sign, and it probably was, but I missed it.  Nevertheless, it was a good time.  I could tell he was nervous but we did revisit the kiss again.  It was going to be a good New Year's Eve....


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