Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Great Low-Cost Gift Idea

Chatting with my brother-in-law (Numero 1 - he rocks and fellow music lover) I decided to burn two of my CDs for him.  And if the law wants to come after me they can and they'll probably feel sorry for me and then mutually agree a gift given is better than one not given.  Not only this, I've made "mixed-tape" CDs for friends.  The total cost - $14 for 10 CDs of which I'm only using about five, leaving opportunities for future gifts.  So, I burned them this weekend making the remaining gift list this:

1. Nephew - will probably spend money to buy him clothes.  He's still smallish, so still pretty inexpensive.  Nothing over $20
2. Bro-in-law 2 - This says it all.  His favorite foods are Mountain Dew and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (can't fault him for that excellent choice) but he doesn't exactly believe in exercise. 
3. Chocolate chip cookies for Dad - he's always easy to please

I am however in need of splurging on something for myself - a good, REALLY good........shredder.  Okay, I realize this is kind of a downer-nothing-special-gift, but super practical, a business right off and....I will be so happy to get rid of all those stupid credit card applications (Remember: I'm a purger!) The companies would turn me down anyway, so they should just save their paper and stamps! 


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middle child said...

A good shredder is great. It took me three tries though to find one that didn't die within months of purchasing it.

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